Kimia Gostar Tanha


The goals of Kimia Gostar Tanha

  • Procurement and  materials supply of chemical raw  with the best quality
  • Observance of standards and laws related to the chemical industries
  • Partnership with all relevant bodies to promote the chemical industries
  • Establishment of several branches in European countries & USA 
  • We believe positive   attitude in customer service means happy customers, which in turn means success for the company
  • Promoting a participatory culture in the relevant field of work
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Partner companies

Our main service

  chemical raw Importer and material  supplier for laboratory, food, pharmaceutical chemical industries, supply of Merck – Sigma Aldrich – Across – Scharloa brand products, supply of chemicals from India and China, purchase of laboratory and medical goods along with obtaining the necessary standards. The services of this company are provided separately in two sections: industrial chemicals and laboratory chemicals.


Improving the level of products quality   (competitive with the world’s top manufacturers) KGT  is creating more employment for the people of Iran, developing the knowledge of employees .

We are importing high quality chemicals for our production lines & strategy to vast Iran Science 

Head Office

Kimia  Gostar Tanha 

4, Chance Al , Karimkhan St,

Tehran -Iran 

Zip: 1598784336

Our mission

  Creating  job stability for our personnels 

Supply of raw materials and prodducing the high quality one .

The price quality relationship (price as an indicator to the buyer of quality) is one of the two positive roles played by price. The other positive role is associated with the prominence and status that high price signals to other people. … Generally speaking, the higher the price of a product, the higher the quality.

Increasing the basket production to determine all potential clients needs .

Our experts are at your service

(+98) 021-88929588



Research projects

Completion of laboratory research projects
Collaboration with research centers, universities, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies
Supply of raw materials for Tehran Shimi, Loghman, Alhawi, Lakok, Elixir, Zahravi and Neshat Daroo pharmaceuticals since 2006

international trading

Global fair participation
Being agent of Merck - Sigma Aldrich - TanChem - Across - Scharloa Suvchem brands
Chemicals supply from India and USA and China
Exporting laboratory and industrial chemicals from China
and India to Dubai and Iran

Establishment of our KGT branch offices
in London & USA

commercial Affairs

Doing international trade, export and import affairs
Invest in purchasing goods and supplying raw materials to factories
Branding procedures of chemical and laboratory products from through China
Imports, purchasing & Supplying consultancy

Laboratory chemicals and industrial

Importer, Supplier and Supplier of Industrial Chemicals
Supply of laboratory and medical equipment
Production of industrial grade chemicals
Supply of laboratory and pharmaceutical raw materials
Preparation and approval of laboratory chemical products analysis sheet

Reza Tanha

Founder & CEO

Creator of the suvchem brand

Everyone knows that our services and products are different

Customers who use our products experience a sense of difference from others.

Reza Tanha

Founder & CEO

Dr.Ahmad Maleki

Technical Adviser

Arsha Biroostan

Commercial Manager

Hamed Tanha



Certificates and licenses
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