Kimia Gostar Tanha


تجارت بین الملل

Participated in Bombay International Exhibitions 2006, Malaysia 2008 and Germany 2010

Representing Suvchem products from India

Obtaining SISCO RESEARCH representation

Has a degree registered on the Global Group site

Representing Qualikems products

Registration of Tanchem chemical products brand in India

Registration of a company under the brand name Unitrade Capital in Malaysia

Company registration with Tradin Royal brand

Registration of a trading company in India Tanchem Export & Import

Holding a conference on research studies in collaboration with UTM University Malaysia

Participated in seminars and conferences on chemicals in Dubai and Germany 2010, 2012, 2014

Kimiagoster opens in London alone in 2021


تخصص های بازرگانی

Conducting international trade, export and import affairs

Invest in purchasing goods and supplying raw materials to factories

Branding of chemical and laboratory products from China

Advice on purchasing and supplying imported goods

Supply of chemicals from India and China

Sending laboratory and industrial chemicals from China and India to Dubai and Iran

Supply of Merck – Sigma Aldrich – Across – Scharloa brands

Supply of parafilms from England and Turkey


پروژه های تحقیقاتی و پژوهشی (دانشگاهی)

Completion of laboratory research projects
Collaboration with research centers, universities, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies
Supply of raw materials for Tehran Shimi, Loghman, Alhawi, Lakok, Elixir, Zahravi and Neshat Daroo pharmaceuticals since 2006
Supply of chemicals and raw materials of the Ministry of Defense
Supply of raw materials for Tehran Shimi, Loghman, Alhavi, Lalouk, Elixir, Zahravi and Neshat Daroo pharmaceuticals since 2006. All products are according to the pharmacy request, which are supplied in imported form, and all of them were presented according to the standard and analysis
Cooperation with university centers of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz and Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and University of Tabriz to supply laboratory chemicals and laboratory equipment since 2011
Supply of raw materials and laboratory equipment of Tehran School of Pharmacy and School of Dentistry
Cooperation and supply of laboratory materials of Sharif University of Technology
Cooperation with the University Jihad Center
Supply and delivery of chemicals from India to the Ministry of Defense
Supply of Merck products for Loghman and Alhavi pharmacies


موادشیمیایی ، صنعتی و تجهیزات آزمایشگاهی

Importer, supplier and supplier of high quality laboratory, industrial (food pharmaceutical…) chemicals to our dear customers and colleagues

Cooperation with world famous brands

Supply of laboratory and medical equipment

Preparation of chemicals with industrial grade

Providing culture medium products

Preparation and approval of laboratory analysis of laboratory chemical products

Presentation of test kits in the fields of biochemistry, chromatography (HPLC & GC)

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